ULINX has partnered with CGBW to host a design your own bracelet giveaway! ULINX offers fabulously trendy personalized magnetic jewelry. ULINX bracelets have been rocked by some of the hottest celebrities including Cameron Diaz on the cover of USA Today (seen above) and Kalia Prescott.

You start with one of eight basic ULINX bracelet magnetic frames and actually choose each individual tile (50 to choose from) that go on your bracelet, customizing your bracelet to the MAX! Enter below to win your very own ULINX customized magnetic bracelet!

**ULINX also offers the first 2, 3 & 4 CLIX Free (depending on the design) for the design your own bracelet. A portion of the money you spend with ULINX goes to fund programs that help under privileged kids worldwide get a chance to have a little creative self expression of their own. **

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