Category: Products for Teachers

Click HERE and follow the instructions to get your FREE news DVDs! Teachers can get up to two DVDs FREE! The DVDs cover many different unique topics you can read about HERE and HERE.

Register HERE for FREE first! Then go HERE to claim your FREE DVD’s! School name is required.

Teachers can go HERE to request FREE learning supplies for Texas Archaeology month in October!

Go HERE and connect your Facebook account to get your FREE $5 Office Depot promo gift card! (code expires in 30 days)

Teachers of grades K-5 can go HERE to pick up a FREE book for the classroom entitled Alex and the Amazing lemonade stand!

During Star Teacher Appreciation Week, August 12-August 18th, teachers get 20% off! On August 18th, Teachers can enjoy FREE breakfast and giveaways! Go HERE to find participating locations.

Teachers can fill out the short form HERE to get two hard cover books and other materials for the classroom!

Teachers can go HERE to claim two FREE canisters of Clorox wipes!

Teachers can fill out the short form HERE to grab a FREE one year subscription to Yes! magazine for teachers!

2nd-4th grade Teachers from grades can fill out the short form HERE to get FREE Chinese New Year Learn with Me classroom materials!

  • Panda Express’ Year of the Dragon DVD
  • Year of the Dragon Fact Sheet
  • Jade Emperor’s Interactive Game & Activity Sheet
  • Chinese New Year Decoration Art Activity
  • Lai See Activity Sheet
  • Bookmarks (with a Free Kids Meal with purchase coupon attached)

Each classroom is limited to ordering materials for 35 students; please note that one school can have multiple classrooms ordering materials.