An unplanned shopping adventure led me to the mall today where I realized I had posted some FREEBIES awhile back that I had never taken advantage of! **Side note: I hardly ever go to the mall as I would much rather prefer to shop online and take advantage of a wider varieties of items and better deals from the comfort of my own home** “Darn!” I thought to myself, “I should have anticipated that I was going to randomly end up at the mall today and I should have had these papers printed out before my departure!”

I busted out my phone and started browsing the CGBW website. The first mall FREEBIE I came across was an offer for a Bath & Body Works 2oz sample of their newest lotion, Cashmere Glow (RV:$3.50). As I followed the redemption instructions online I realized that I didn’t have to have anything printed out to redeem the coupon (score!) nor did I have to make a purchase (double score!). Needless to say I bee lined for the Bath & Body Works store. The employees in there were helpful, friendly and took the coupon on my phone without hesitation. Also, the bottom of my receipt had a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase! Am I coming back to that store to spend money? You bet.

I opened up the browser on my phone to see if there were any more desirable mall freebies and I came across an offer for a FREE L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream (RV:$10.00)! **Side note: Offer still available HERE** This was another offer in which no printing was required. Just like my experience at Bath & Body Works, this visit went uber smooth. The polite staff at the L’Occitane store were amazing. Not only did they hand over my new shea butter hand cream without delay or purchase, they also threw some other FREEBIES in the bag! (pictured above) Will I remain a loyal customer? Of course… Good customer service can go such a long way!

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