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This sample has been on hold for awhile but the form is now open and ready for FREE SAMPLES! Grab a FREE sample of Artists Acrylic HERE! This offer appears to be available worldwide.

Go HERE to get FREE woodworking plans, projects & patterns! This site provides links to hundreds of different woodworking projects, everything from end tables to chairs and bigger projects like bookcases, kids beds and dining room tables.

Get FREE art from Andrew Abbott when you fill out this short form! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Fill out the short form to make your request for 50 FREE pieces of Origami paper! Limit one per person. It may take up to 6 weeks to ship your paper.

Free Glue Dots!!

A simple short form will score you this FREEBIE. You MUST write what you are going to do with your Glue Dots to get them for FREE!

Free Cloth Doll Patterns!!

The crafty can get FREE cloth doll patterns– almost any pattern you can think of, and they are all instantly printable! I even saw some patterns for the Wizard of Oz…I see a new craft in sight… These look like easy basic patterns for beginners too!

It doesnt matter if you are a professional or leisure artist, you can get a FREE sample of Water Mixable Oil Colour! Fill out the short form fields and wait for your sample to arrive! I love to paint and I have never heard of a water mixable oil color. Im excited to try this!

This has to be the coolest new product Ive seen in a while! Whos familiar with dry erase boards? When I was a kid, dry erase boards were starting to phase out chalk boards, and everybody was all about some dry erase boards! You could see on them better and all the students would fight over who got to go up and write on it next. Now you can have your very own dry erase board in your home, painted on THE WALL! Go HERE!

Click HERE to request your Free samples of Industrial Floor Tape.  Over a dozen different kinds to choose from!

Get a free sample of Locktite glue HERE!! Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.