Are you ready for a truly unique gaming experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced?! Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an open-world space saga that features modular toy technology that allows players to assemble and customize real-world physical starships, link their starships to their game controller, and launch into an epic adventure across the Atlas Star System, either in single player or with a friend in two player split-screen local co-op. The starter pack pictured above includes one character (Mason), one starship, three weapon attachments, and the controller attachment. You start by placing the pilot onto the controller attachment platform, you then connect controller to the attachment which easily slides into the micro USB port on your controller, place the pilot into the cockpit of the ship by pressing up which then attaches the actual starship to your controller, then chose which weapon attachments you want to play with by attaching them to the wings of the starship. The toy starship is very light and does not interfere with actual game play.

The game itself is really fun and entertaining. There’s a huge open-world (or open-galaxy) concept with plenty to explore and discover. You are part of an elite starship crew who is trying to rescue their captain and save the galaxy from a powerful threat known as the Legion. Travel to each planet in the solar system to make new allies and form new alliances. This game is full of intense inter-galactic space battles, challenging boss fights against formidable foes known as “Primes”, and a story sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The graphics are incredible and the game play is really smooth. Another cool feature is that the game will recommend which weapons to use against certain enemies. You have kinetic, vortex, fire, and ice-based weapons which are all inter-changeable during battle. You simply swap out one weapon for another by pulling them off the wing of the ship and adding another, the game will pause and go to the main screen which shows these upgrades come to life in front of your very eyes. This game also allows you to fast travel to planets previously discovered or use hyper drive to speed up the traveling process. I was blown away by not only the new modular toy technology but the gaming experience itself!

I was able to beat the game on the normal setting with just the starter pack but if you really want to beef up your arsenal then I would check out the additional weapons and pilot kit. These additional kits allow you to play as different characters, use any ship, and have a wide array of weaponry.  If you die and only have one ship it respawns you at the nearest planet. However, if you have an additional ship you simply swap ships and start right where you left off ! This is a must have for anyone who considers themselves a gamer and would make the perfect Christmas present for anyone over the age of 10 (who enjoys playing video games). This game is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Go check out your nearest Best Buy to pick up your Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack! You can save $25 on Starter Packs and you can save 30% on Starlink toys in stores or online at Best Buy today December 16th through December 22nd.

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