Lightning Fast Spanish for Kids and Families is a fun way to learn basic Spanish words built around every day situations. No prior Spanish-speaking experience is required because the book breaks down the word and phonetic pronunciation is included. This book brings an effective and interactive approach that teaches your kids Spanish words and phrases in a flash! What I love about the book is that it actually gets the children involved by doing something as simple as identifying regular food items such as fruit, meat, eggs, bread, water, and milk. You literally have the children pick out and pronounce each item that is laid out in front of them. It also encourages the use of basic everyday conversations regarding topics such as getting dressed, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, school, items found around the house, etc. Lightning Fast Spanish for Kids and Families also covers important basic questions such as  “where is the bathroom”, “where are we going”?, and “want to play?”.

The structure and the format of the book is perfect for beginners- even if you’re like me and your pronunciation is what my hubby calls “sub-par”. The best way way to learn a different language is through repetition. Lightning Fast Spanish for Kids and Families is an easy and affordable way to get yourself and your children on the right track to speaking Spanish in no time!

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