My family and friends had a ball playing with the awesome PinyPon toys sent to us by PinyPon & MomSelect. Pinypon toys allow you to mix, match, collect and create new looks for your doll. PinyPon dolls come apart completely, allowing you to create several unique looks with multiple dolls! You can take apart the hair, legs, skirts, purses, etc. and trade them with other dolls to showcase their passion for fashion!. There are so many different combinations which truly allows you to customize  your PinyPon down to the last detail!  This interchangeable mini-doll collection would be the perfect gift for a certain little girl who was extra good this season. These cute little dolls are an awesome value with an MSRP of $2.99.

The PinyPon Caravan comes with one PinyPon doll, one camper and a BOATLOAD of accessories. The PinyPon caravan includes a shower, mirror, picnic table, picnic accessories, pet, surfboard, lounge chair and swimming pool! This PinyPon caravan comes packed full accessories fit for any adventure!  My kids couldn’t enough of this caravan simply because it’s pretty much a small house on wheels.  It would be an awesome holiday present with a list price around $25.

Find awesome, high dollar coupons for PinyPon products on the PinyPon website HERE! PinyPon dolls are suitable for young girls, ages 4-7. Disclosure: I received free products from PinyPon & MomSelect for my post.

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