We were recently asked to host a Gutzy Gear house party by Gutzy Gear & MomSelect and BOY WAS I EXCITED! I think I was more excited than the kids! We received a package filled to the brim with Gutzy Gear Straps and patches. Gutzy straps are long rectangular velcro straps that go over the shoulder strap of a child’s backpack. You can then adhere a velcro patches to the straps, personalizing the kids’ backpacks to the EXTREME!  A variety of patches are available for purchase ranging from Sponge Bob, Iron Man and Dora the Explorer to symbols such as peace signs, animals, hearts, smiley faces, and flowers.

We had a blast taking part in a bunch of new, but familiar “gutzy-ed up” activities including Gutzy Bingo and Gutzy Dominos. The kids were ready to jump through the roof with excitement once the games began. Gutzy Bingo was a crowd favorite, because a Gutzy Gear prize was given to the winner of each game. Gutzy Bingo is played just like regular Bingo but instead of using numbers and letters, you use the adorable symbols and charming characters that are unique to Gutzy Gear patches. We even came up with our own game which was a similar version to “pin the tail on the donkey”! Using the Gutzy Gear bingo board, the kids closed their eyes (kids that started peaking got a blindfold), got spun around three times, then walked up to the bingo board with a sticker. Where ever their sticker landed determined which Gutzy Gear patch they got to keep.

The kids favorite part of the day was when they got to swap Gutzies with their friends!  It encouraged the kids to interact with one another because they were eager to compare patches. What’s great is that the kids can trade anytime because the velcro strap allows the patches to attach and detach with ease. It’s so easy anybody can do it! It allows the kids to express themselves freely in a positive manner. With such a large variety of patches to choose from, your backpack will literally become a work in progress!  The Gutzy Gear Get Together kit includes all the tools you need to throw an awesome party while being a Gutzy Gear trendsetter at the same time.  The Gutzy Gear patches are as unique, fun, and hip as the cool kids that wear them.

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