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If you’re in need of a quality cell phone without a contract or credit check, Net10 might be right for you! For just $50.00 a month you can get unlimited minutes nationwide, unlimited texts and web usage. Net 10 offers top quality phones from manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. If $50 isn’t in your budget you can get 200 minutes a month for $15.00! You can even switch between plans each month to suit your budget and airtime needs, without penalties or fees. Do you need to make long distance calls? Long Distance Service is available to over 75 countries, for about 15 cents per minute on calls originated in the US. International Neighbors program is currently available to Canada and Mexico. This program gives you a special phone number that your family and friends can use to reach you at your NET10 number. You can even get simple phones for simple needs with calling and texting capabilities for under $15.00. If you’re in the market for a fancier phone you can purchase a full QWERTY keyboard phones, slider phones, and touch screen phones, with all the basics plus great app capabilities, camera and video recorder, web access, etc., available for under $60.00. Check out a Cute NET10 commercial and a Real NET10 customer <<HERE

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