Kidswitch Giveaway winner Jamie Barton is getting her Kidswitch put in the mail today! Have you checked out Kidswitch?  Kidswitch is an multi award winning product that puts lightswitches in reach and affords toddlers the independence of turning on and off lights by themselves, freeing parents from this repetiive task and allowing toddlers to learn good “green” energy saving habits!

Its simply the best when a child can start doing things themselves and it makes everyones lives easier!  Moms love them and have awarded us as a result three years in a row! – makers of Kidswitch

Kidswitch is easy to install and screws into the outlet plate you already have, which makes removal easy and painless when your child grows out of the switch. =] One of the coolest features of Kidswitch is that it glows in the dark! I can see this really helping out with middle of the night potty training for kids that are scared of the dark.

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