From top to bottom, left to right: From top to bottom, left to right (including stuff thats not on CityGirlBigWorld 😀 )

1) Tylenol Sleep Solution Kit
2) Priority and Express Mail Stickers, free from 😀
3) Cents of Humor Stickers (I got like 8 or 9 of them!!!)
4) Priority Mail Label! Also free from!
5) The green below it is delivery confirmation stickers from!
6) Passport To Good Health record keeping book
7) Small Flat Rate Priority Mail Boxes from (I also have A BUNCH of other boxes that I got free from them!)
8) Sample of Astroglide Lubrication for 18 and + available here
9) Free consumer action handbook 2010 😀
10) Free Ring Sizer from Blue Nile available here:
11) Last but not least, Lightening Label Samples!!! There was SO many I had to keep them in the cool little folder they send you because they wouldnt fit in the picture haha!!!

If you have pictures of FREEBIES in YOUR mailbox CityGirlBigWorld wants to see them!! You can post them on the CityGirlBigWorld Facebook page HERE or you can send your picture to and I will put them up on!

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