Zulilly is a NEW daily deals site similar to Groupon but they specialize in deals for moms and kids! Sign up HERE!

If your not familiar with these sites they offer one deal a day at a HUGE discount (50-80% off) They do this to bring in new customers to their businesses that would have otherwise never known about the store or product! For example, last week on Groupon, I bought a spa package to a local spa for one weeks worth of  UNLIMITED treatment for $20!! The retail price on this was $250!! Be sure to use your insider e-mail address!

**Signing up for  newsletters is crucial to becoming an insider. It is usually the way to get the best coupons and insider information. I can’t tell you how many coupons and EXTRA free samples I have gotten just because I sign up to get different product newsletters! I recommend everyone having a separate email address just for these special opportunities !!**

I posted this one last week but the site was having issues so I took it down. It appears to be back up and fully functional.

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