Get a FREE 73 minute Vincent Versace photographic work flow DVD! The form is semi-long and includes short answer questions.

About the DVD:

Hollywood photographer Vincent Versace shares his photographic workflow secrets and talks about the tools and methods that he feels have been a critical part of his award winning work. Versace is known as a multi-talented professional photographer with a special gift for sharing his knowledge. He has been honored for his contributions to the photographic community and his work has been awarded a permanent place in the Smithsonian Institution.

In this 73 minute DVD titled “Photographic Workflow” Versace candidly discusses the following segments:
planning the retouch, the healing brush, lighting in Photoshop, pop-up menus, adjustment layers, soft masks, enlarging the eyes, lighting the face, color correcting, butterfly lighting, and sharpening. The floral retouch includes segments on: color correcting for blue, adjusting tonal range, selective muting, sharpening and contrast, black and white conversion, sepia toning, and adding blur and noise.

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