Category: Saving Money for Students

Fill out the short form with your shipping information to get your FREE 2011 Great American Conservative Women Calender! This is a really cool calendar, The months include themes like Protect Life, Encourage personal responsibility, Be a cultural warrior and prepare for leadership.

Accounting students can pick up a FREE one year subscription to Accounting Today! You can choose to receive a digital copy, hard copy or both!

Go to the Rosetta Stone website to request a FREE foreign language demo CD and start learning the foreign language of your choice! Theres over 30 languages to choose from!

Students can register to get a FREE Windows Marketplace for mobile account when they sign in with a .edu e-mail address (which waves the $99 registration fee)!

If youre a college student between the ages of 18-29 your eligible to get a FREE case of 500 Trojan brand condoms to give out to your peers!

If you dont have $100 to cough up for Microsoft Office, Open Office works great! Its FREE productivity software that has all the capabilities of Microsoft Office. You can read, write, open and save documents in Word, Excel and Power Point formats. The download is short and it works great on many operating systems!

What an awesome deal! College students can score a FREE one year membership to Amazon Prime! You must have a valid (.edu) email address to grab this freebie. Its a $79.00 Value and includes privileges like FREE 2 day shipping! For more details or to sign up CLICK HERE.