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Are you tired of losing your socks? Confident that both pairs went into the washer and dryer but somehow never made it to the folding station? In a study conducted by Samsung, out of 2,000 people they found the average individual lost 1.3 socks per month or 15 a year. That’s up to 1,264 socks in your lifetime! Our friends over at SockDock are working to combat this problem by bringing you the latest in sock matching technology while reinventing the sock drawer. Every purchase includes two SockDocks. One is made for easy hanging on the back of your closet door or on your laundry hamper. The second is for hanging your clean socks in the closet- eliminating your need for a sock drawer. When it’s time to wash, you simply take off the hanger and throw the the whole thing into the washer. The SockDock is also great for traveling professionals like myself, who always seem to lose my socks hotel hopping. It saves so much time not having to mix and match, unfold, and fold together. Stay organized, save time, and most importantly, never lose another sock again! SockDock has generously given us 4 sets of SockDocks to give away to 4 lucky readers! Enter below your own set of SockDocks. If you’re interested in purchasing a SockDock you can buy a set here for the low price of $19.99-shipping included!

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I was provided with a set of SockDocks to review and 4 SockDocks to give away to readers in exchange for my honest opinions.

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